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Happy Hollow Farm
Princeton, British Columbia, Canada

Suffolk Sheep ~ Lamb ~ Beef  ~ Alfalfa Hay


Naturally Produced Lamb & Beef

  • Available June to August
  • Sold cut and wrapped
  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free
  • Naturally Produced and raised with sunshine and fresh air on the lush pastures of the Similkameen Valley
Suffolk Sheep Breeding Stock
  • Exceptional Quality Ewes and Rams available
  • Scrapie resistant genotype tested
  • Choose from the largest selection of Suffolk breeding stock in BC
Hay Sales   
  • Alfalfa/Grass Mixed Hay
  • Ideal for horses, sheep, goats and cattle
  • 175 acres of irrigated hay fields
  • Small square & 5' round bales
  • Luscious Pesticide Free hay fields, irrigated from the crystal clear waters from the Similkameen River

1193 Highway 3 East,
Box 2356, Princeton, BC VoX 1W0

Phone & Fax 250.295.6419